Summer Call to Action in Austin

There a few statements that are true every Summer in Austin. First, it’s going to be HOT. Second, our donations are lower during the Summer months. With your help, I’d like to change that second statement. We are desperately in need of shorts for both boys and girls, in all sizes. Our totes are packed in sizes 2t up to 16, but we would welcome any new clothing, in any size. We are also in need of baby shampoo. We do have some dedicated volunteers that regularly collect travel size shampoo and conditioner for us but they are not made for babies and small children. Also, the other item that we are regularly out of are handmade blankets for boys. We provide every child ages 6 and under with a blanket for a little comfort and love.

We have a wish list on amazon that has both shorts and baby shampoo listed. If you are willing to make blankets, they may be sewn, knitted or crocheted.

Your gifts are much appreciated.