Children Discover Joy of Helping Other Children

little-helping-hands-sm-colorVolunteers from Little Helping Hands, an organization in Austin that pairs families with children who want to “get involved” with charities that need help, spent time packing clothes for our ‘Hope Totes’ program. “One of the best lessons we can teach our children is how to care for those less fortunate. The kids from Little Helping Hands not only provided a wonderful service but they learned how important it is to do something meaningful for another child,” said For Every Child, Inc. President Julie Petrovic. “I think they had fun, too. My two girls are asking when we can do it again!”

The 80 totes prepared by Little Helping Hands volunteers during June and July will go to foster children in the Greater Austin Area. One of the volunteers is a foster mother herself and told the group that too often children arrive at her home with nothing. A lucky few have a trash bag with one or two items they were able to grab as they were taken from their homes. A ‘Hope Tote’ is the perfect thing for a child like this because it has three to four days of clothing, undergarments, pajamas and toiletries. We have also been blessed with gorgeous hand made blankets, made by generous volunteers, to include for the smaller children. Our thanks to Little Helping Hands and the families who came to pack the ‘Hope Totes’. Is there anything better than kids helping kids?