August 12, 2017 at 8:00 am 11602 Turtle Lane Austin, TX


Children under six receive a handmade blanket in their tote to remind each child that someone does care about them. Contact us if you can help make blankets.

Putting together a Hope Tote involves clothes, hygiene products, packers and delivery volunteers and of course our sponsors who donate the $50 to $100 needed to complete one tote. But there’s a part of every tote for those terrified children age 6 and under that money simply can’t buy. Handmade blankets!

We need some crafty people who can knit, sew or quilt a handmade blanket (or two) for the smallest of children. We include a handmade blanket in each of their totes as our way of saying that they’re not alone and there are people who care in this world enough to sit down and use their own time and their own hands to make something warm and personal that no one else will have. Can you help?

2017/08/12 08:00:00

Our Sponsors

4 Star Sponsors: $5,000+

  1. Cable Com, Inc.
  2. Credibility International
  3. Fourlane
  4. Hamic, Previte, Jones and Sturwold
  5. Oversight Technology

3 Star Sponsors: $1001 to $4999

  1. Mike and Shanie Mayeux
  2. The Rothell Charitable Foundation of Central Texas

2 Star Sponsors: $250 – $1000

  1. Amazon Smile
  2. Crowe, Greg and Joan
  3. Dell Giving
  4. Digitech Sales, LLC
  5. Generation Serve
  6. Wassum, Jerry and Mary Beth

Family Sponsors

  1. Blais, Angelina
  2. Bruckmeyer, Gary and Kathy
  3. Hend, Leanne
  4. Ingalls, Kit
  5. Kronschnabl, Glenn and Teresa
  6. Lubbers, Carol
  7. Sarantos, Jenny
  8. Sarantos, Peggy
  9. Sharkey, Matt
  10. Wassum, Jennifer