Privacy Policy

We never share or sell our donors information. Information about donors and sponsors collected is to satisfy state and federal statutes. All such information is kept for internal use only and will not be shared with third parties. If you do not wish to appear on our sponsor thank you page please contact us and let us know and we will gratefully respect your wishes.

Our Sponsors

4 Star Sponsors: $5,000+

  1. Cable Com, Inc.
  2. Credibility International
  3. Fourlane
  4. Hamic, Previte, Jones and Sturwold
  5. Oversight Technology

3 Star Sponsors: $1001 to $4999

  1. Mike and Shanie Mayeux
  2. The Rothell Charitable Foundation of Central Texas

2 Star Sponsors: $250 – $1000

  1. Amazon Smile
  2. Crowe, Greg and Joan
  3. Dell Giving
  4. Digitech Sales, LLC
  5. Generation Serve
  6. Wassum, Jerry and Mary Beth

Family Sponsors

  1. Blais, Angelina
  2. Bruckmeyer, Gary and Kathy
  3. Hend, Leanne
  4. Ingalls, Kit
  5. Kronschnabl, Glenn and Teresa
  6. Lubbers, Carol
  7. Sarantos, Jenny
  8. Sarantos, Peggy
  9. Sharkey, Matt
  10. Wassum, Jennifer