Lake Jovita Stitchers Sew Over 160 Totes

Volunteers from Lake Jovita Community spent a day ironing, cutting and then sewing 166 totes to be used in Pasco county for our Hope Totes program. “What’s especially terrific about these beautiful totes,” said For Every Child president Julie Petrovic, “is that each bag is a gift itself.

They are so beautiful that the kids love them even without all the clothing and necessities we put inside them.”

Thanks to everyone who volunteered and to Glenda Beasley for hosting and Kit Ingalls and Linda Inslee for organizing!

See The Stitchers In Action In The Gallery

Little Helping Hands Pack Totes

Purchasing the clothes and necessities we need to fill a hope tote is just the first phase!

The goods then need to be separated by size and gender, matched to complete outfits, tags cut off and finally packed with a toiletry bag, pajamas, socks, underwear and a homemade blanket.

In January, volunteers from The Little Helping Hands did it all for us, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their continued support!

Little Helping Hands Gallery