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One of the programs For Every Child, Inc. runs is the “Hope Tote” program. This program provides a tote with 3 – 4 days worth of new clothing, socks, underwear, pajamas and toiletries to children in emergency shelters and safe houses. Often, these children arrive with only the clothes on their backs. “Hope Totes” provides a few basic necessities as well as hope. Every tote includes a note telling each child that they are important and that someone cares. Children under six also get a handmade blanket in their totes. The totes themselves can then be used for storage or as a book bag for school. We have been fortunate to have companies such as Adidas donate some duffle bags to be used for the program. We’ve also had some local dentists donate children’s tooth brushes and toothpaste to be included in the totes. We are always looking for new clothes to be donated, hand made blankets and money to purchase the items we need to give another “Hope Tote” to a needy child.

We feel that no child should wonder where their next meal will come from or if they will have clothing or where they will stay. All children should have access to an education. These are basic necessities but to many children, they are luxuries out of their reach. Together, we can change that.